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To all my patients: 

We are following the same guidelines as all of you. We are attempting to limit our patient contact by moving to online consults/ appointments as much as possible. Feel free to call the office 425-452-9366 and/or also email me at to schedule these appointments. I will be able to tailor supplements and homeopathics to you specific needs.

I will attempt to send supplements via 2 day mail (once per week) or leave nutritional supplements in our dropbox downstairs, outside the clinic doors. Please know that we are making every effort to stock all supplements, but some may be on backorder. Payments by credit card will be taken over the phone and processed that day.

Please take care to protect your family and yourself by staying at home as much as possible. For those patients that wish to come in for an appointment, I will be seeing patients by appointment on Tuesdays and Fridays only. Please follow all the guidelines set in the accompanying letter.

Meanwhile, I bought 2 puzzles, 3 different trivial pursuit games, and finally joined Netflix. Koda loves her daily walks and we both plan to lose some weight.

With respect and love,

Keith Halperin DC……….and Miss Koda

Ps. Please check my website for any updates…..I am attempting to blog this week.


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