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Auto Accident Injury
Halperin Chiropractic
Keith Halperin, DC
Chiropractor and Integrative Medicine Doctor
located in Bellevue, WA

Have you recently experienced a motor vehicle accident or think you might have been injured in a crash? Keith Halperin, DC, understands that a car accident can be a traumatizing event, both physically and emotionally. At Halperin Chiropractic, Dr. Halperin has been helping patients involved in accidents overcome their injuries for over 25 years. Call Halperin Chiropractic in Bellevue, Washington today or schedule an appointment online.

Auto Accident Injury Q&A


What are common auto accident injuries?

Auto accidents can leave you with many symptoms and body aches. Whiplash is the most common injury from a car crash and can leave you suffering from neck and back pain. If left uncorrected, your symptoms may worsen and lead to serious health problems.

Often patients won’t know they sustained an injury in a car accident until they start to experience symptoms months later. Even if all you feel is a little muscle pain and stiffness, it’s a good idea to get yourself checked out.

Do I really need chiropractic care after an auto accident?

Frequently with automobile accidents, symptoms don’t exhibit themselves until later down the line, so Dr. Halperin believes it’s vital to seek chiropractic care right away.

Chiropractic care views your overall health, not just your bones. Dr. Halperin looks beyond your injury to see the complete picture of what tissues in your body might need repair, whether it’s your muscles, ligaments, nerves, or spine.  


Even if you come in complaining of back pain after a car crash, Dr. Halperin checks to see if you’ve sustained a concussion and need cranial care.

How does Dr. Halperin help your body heal?

Dr. Halperin takes the time to understand you and your individual needs regarding your automobile injury. He balances your priorities for healing with those of your body. Using kinesiology, Dr. Halperin works with you to maximize your body’s potential to heal itself.

Kinesiology tests your muscles to give Dr. Halperin valuable information about how your body heals. It allows him to examine your stress response and determine if it's delaying your healing process. He also looks for nutritional deficiencies that might be limiting your body’s ability to heal itself.

Using multiple chiropractic techniques, Dr. Halperin guides your body along the road to recovery. The activator method, the bio-energetic synchronization technique, and the neuro-emotional technique are some of the tools he uses to help heal you after an automobile accident.

If outside help is needed, Dr. Halperin can connect you to top quality care providers to ensure you make a full recovery. He has a network of professionals offering massage, acupuncture, cranio-sacral work, physical therapy and other medical services.

Get started on your journey to recovery from your auto accident: Call Halperin Chiropractic today or schedule an appointment online.

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